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Conservative Republican

for Missouri State Representative District 64

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Tuesday, Aug 2nd

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I Need YOUR Help to:

  • Support Parent's Rights in Education   (School Choice, Tax Credits)  
  • Back the Blue & Fight Violent Crime
  • Fight for the 2nd Amendment
  • Protect Unborn Babies
  • Defend Missouri/Christian Values
  • Reduce Runaway Taxes
  • Stop Inflation

"I am very concerned about our children's education and safety, the increase in crime, protecting unborn babies, reducing the excessive tax burden and inflation.  I strongly support the 2nd Amendment and our law enforcement.  

My experiences of Raising a Family, Professional Counseling, Running a Small Business and​ Leadership in Ministry have put me in touch with the needs of my District, and I believe I can best represent ​them.  

I'm running because I feel I have been blessed and I want others to have the same opportunities.  I am a strong, no-nonsense, conservative candidate.  ​I am committed to doing what I say I am going to do, and it would be my honor to serve you."

- Deanna Self


CHAIR:  St. Charles County Chapter, MO Right to Life (2019-2020)

CHAIR:  North County Chapter, MO Right to Life (1989-1991)

RECORDING SECRETARY:  Eastern Region, MO Right to Life (1990)

MARCH FOR LIFE, Washington, DC (2x) (once as BUS CAPTAIN)

ORGANIZED:   Life Chains & Literature Drops

ATTENDED:  Pro-Life Prayer Vigils/MRL’s Pro-Life Days in Jeff City

ATTENDED:  Pro-Life March in Jeff City

DONATED & ATTENDED:  Eastern Region Fundraising Banquets

WORKED:  Education Booths & Golf Fundraiser


We need to decrease taxes and inflation.  This is the number one complaint I hear from people.  The money our government spends comes from hardworking taxpayers who are overburdened and underrepresented.  Some in our government spend money as if there is an endless supply, but that needs to stop.  I support spending money on our defense such as national security, military, and our law enforcement.  But in the name of compassion, spending has gotten out of control.  We have to live on what we have.  A hand up is different than a hand out.  We should be lifting people up, but not giving out indefinitely.   It is unfair to take more and more money from hardworking taxpayers and give it to able bodied people who refuse to work.     


Kids belong to the parents.  They're not "all our children."  Teachers are not co-parents.  Kids do not belong to the state, the government, the school districts or the teachers.  At school, parents want their kids to learn the ABCs and 123s, not all the social ideologies.  Parents need to be involved in their kid's education.  I support School Choice and/or Tax Credits, because when it comes to supporting education, the money needs to follow the child.  


I am SO grateful Roe has been overturned, and the issue of abortion has returned to the control of the people through their State legislators.  Even though Missouri is a pro-life State, imagine the onslaught of bills that will now be introduced trying to weaken our hard-earned protections for unborn babies and mothers in crisis.   If anything is evil, it is abortion, and abortion should be illegal.  Not one penny of taxpayer money should be spent to support it. 


I support Religious Liberty and Sanctity of Human Life Issues.  Because the right to life has been so devalued, not only must we worry about abortion, but we also have to worry about infanticide.  All innocent humans, including those with special needs or those with disabilities, have a God-given right to life and it must be defended.  Religious Liberty and Conscience Protections must be protected as well.  Churches and religious organizations must have freedom to stay open and hire and fire.  Healthcare providers need freedom to refuse to do procedures that violate their moral beliefs.  


We cannot keep our neighborhoods safe from crime unless we support Law & Order and the 2nd Amendment.  We will not be safe if we defund the police. Without Law & Order, there would be much more chaos than there is now.  Also, we must enforce the laws on the books.  We cannot be soft on repeat, violent offenders.  Crime should not pay.  Punishment needs to be fair, swift, and with due process in order to serve as a deterrent.   

We must protect the 2nd Amendment.  One of the biggest problems we have is not putting the blame where the blame belongs.  Punish the criminal for their crime, not law-abiding citizens.  It is not fair nor constitutional to take away our means of self-defense.